Executive Director

Our Executive Director: Cody L. Dorsey

Cody L. Dorsey is the Executive Director of the Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition, working to close the digital divide in his hometown. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in Politics from the University College Dublin (Ireland). He is pursuing a Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership from Morgan State University.

Mr. Dorsey is a proud product of Baltimore City Public Schools, where served as the student commissioner on the School Board from 2013 through 2014. As a 2019 Baltimore Mayoral Fellow, he designed a year-round youth employment pilot program. Because of his leadership and achievements he was asked to serve as the Legislative Director for the Baltimore City Senate Delegation for the 2021 Legislative Session of the Maryland General Assembly. Last year, President Biden appointed Mr. Dorsey to the Maryland Selective Service Board.