Become a BDEC Volunteer Ambassador

Become a BDEC Volunteer Ambassador

As schools, businesses, libraries and community centers have closed due to COVID-19, access to public computers and digital resources has been completely cut off. This has left thousands of Baltimore households disconnected from essential aspects of life such as education, mental health and healthcare services, employment, skills development, and social connections. While we recognize these issues referred to as “the digital divide” have existed for decades, our intent is that they need not persist or linger after it ends.

The Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition (BDEC) was formed in March of 2020 to provide resources and solutions to digital access in the wake of COVID-19. Since its inception, BDEC has worked to bring Baltimoreans greater access to devices and internet connectivity, increased training and technical support, and improved advocacy to long lasting digital equity solutions. We have successfully distributed over 2,000 devices, brought internet connectivity to hundreds of residents and most recently unveiled a tech support hotline to assist adults in workforce training and adult basic education programs who need assistance troubleshooting computer issues.

We’ve been busy and our goal is to keep all progress laser focused on closing the digital divide. To do that, we need input from community leaders who are directly affected by this issue!

We are seeking Volunteer Community Ambassadors to participate in our on-going work. Ambassadors should be passionate about Baltimore and have personally experienced hardships caused by the digital divide. Those looking to volunteer would be asked to offer their unique perspective on how this issue is affecting their community and possible solutions to topics that arise.

Meetings are held weekly. If you’d like to participate, please complete the submission form provided. We look forward to collaborating!