Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition

The Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition (BDEC) connects committed organizations and individuals to coordinated efforts that advance digital equity and close the digital divide in Baltimore City. Working under a Collective Impact Model, we are organized around a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication. With BDEC serving as a backbone support organization focused on collaboration, we maximize resources and have the greatest impact.

Hey Baltimore!

A $30 monthly Internet benefit is available to eligible households in our neighborhoods. Made possible by the American Connectivity Program. Click here to see if you are eligible and/or sign up!

Our Focus

The Digital Equity Coalition will work collaboratively to close the digital divide through 4 main goals:

Access to Devices

To help ensure there are affordable, available, and sufficient devices for all Baltimore residents (students, adults and families), small businesses and community organizations to allow all Baltimore City to be connected.

Greater Internet Connectivity

Ensure there are sufficient options for affordable and available internet connectivity for all.

Digital Skills & Tech Support

Create and deliver educational opportunities for all residents to gain technology skills necessary to be successful and ensure there is technical support for all.


Engaging elected officials, civic leaders, and citizens most affected by the digital divide to advocate for equal access to computers, internet connectivity, and digital literacy.